The distinction and singularity of this house arises from the idea of creating an ideal habitable space in the interior of a pure and light volume, which has a regular shape and is permeable to the excellent natural conditions and location.

The volume shows lightness thanks to its structure on the façade, a slender regular-metal structure that is in harmony with the warm and permeable façade enclosures. The homogeneous enclosures establish a direct and easy relation between the interior and the exterior of the house. This is done through a big glass façade modulated and filtered with big sliding wooden doors, which protect and control the likelihood of permeability.

The rectangular volume of geometric simplicity and marked edges is materialized in a four-story construction, providing each story with a personalized definition according to its use and the conditions of the site. The lower ground floor is anchored to the land and fixes the best position for the house. This is achieved by following one of the alignments being facing excellent views and south side. The ground floor, which is the main floor of the building, extends as far as the two walls that are parallel to the street. This results in the house being off the street and open towards the rest of the plot, which represents the concept of including the basement to the total surface of the site.

This house adapts to the land and the excellent conditions. The higher floors recover the regularity and modularity of the construction, having a large terrace perimeter on the first floor. The second floor becomes a pleasant viewpoint over the wide views of the area.