The creation of a unique house emerges from several volumes strategically located in the site, and as in other projects, from the fact of working with simple volumes such as the Platonic solids. Moreover, this house is complemented with high technical constructive details.

Two open rectangular polyhedrons, which are not overlapped in this occasion, generate several spaces of distinguished features that suitably meet the conditions of the site and the needs of the program.

Firstly, a polyhedron on the ground floor, that is totally transparent, is situated next to the main hall and leads to an exquisitely well-equipped exterior basement. This first volume houses the daytime rooms and extends the ground floor to 800 squared meters of the total space of the site, thus creating a unique open space.

Secondly, another polyhedron, a more private one for the night-time rooms, partly overlaps the first one and is extended perpendicularly. It creates a covered space on the ground floor and liberates a big exterior area, which is private from the outside, again with a perfect setting.