The geometric clarity and the exquisiteness of the definition of the constructive detail are the bases of the project, which are required to confer a unique house.

The house emerges as a whole of extraordinary pureness, from a regular two-story parallelepiped that integrates, in a rational way, its structure and enclosures. It is strategically located: it releases a big garden facing south and it is slightly elevated from the land, on a base of walls that enclose the cellar.

The lateral façades are mainly opaque with a natural limestone exterior. The main and south façades are built as filters for the excellent site conditions. The filters are set from large windows in their entire surface, which are protected by sliding wooden doors. The big porch has the function of the ground floor hall that is set in front of the vast garden. At the same time, it offers a big terrace on the first floor, from where excellent views of the area can be enjoyed.

Inside, two vertical planes, perpendicular to the garden façade, subdivide and make the two-story volume habitable in three areas of high spatial quality. These planes are covered with beech wood and the big sliding doors allow for direct and easy access among the different rooms of the house.