This project is based on a different premise, the intention of incorporating the highest criteria of spatial quality and distinction to an existing building that is not older than five years. It is the integral reformation of an existing house that was created with standard criteria. The reformation fully adapts to the user’s functional program, like a made-to-measure suit.

The reformation covers the exterior part as well as all the interior spaces, and eliminates the unnecessary elements which hindered the global conception of certain spaces. The aim is to create a new distribution of the rooms, much more well-organized and with wider spaces. This distribution is based on the vertical core of access, which are the staircase and the elevator. The staircase is the organic element that, through the pure-white sinuous curves of its flights, connects all four levels of the house.

The singularity of the new house is also reflected in the use of noble materials and in the determination to avoid using textures and colours on behalf of black and whites.