The distinctive feature of this house appears when certain qualities of any book are interiorized and abstracted. The site has excellent conditions to develop the specific user’s program and to contribute to the level of additional details, which makes this house a unique and singular home.

The volume of the house starts from a white and stony polyhedron that, after having analyzed the features of the site, is broken up into three L shape fronts anchored in the site. They are backwards to the street and facing south, so that the excellent views of the garden and the forest nearby can be seen, as well as being facing to the direct sun. A marked barrier is established between the house and the north surrounding. From these fronts, the house seems separated, while it is actually opened up and takes advantage of the excellent conditions of the south side.

The house extends and is facing its best direction. As a result, all of the main rooms strategically follow this direction and so the big windows are facing south side. The ground floor, which is the main floor of the house, is unexpectedly extended by a wide projecting and covered terrace, which exceeds the established limits of the fronts with the aim of causing confusion between the interior and the exterior.

The approach to an open book is direct in the same way: it shows the side to be looked at. It is an exchange between the reader and the written text, as in the house, between the exterior and the interior. The covers are on the opposite side of the book, it is like a barrier that establishes in a severe way that from that point outwards it does not belong to it.