The location, the site and the program are the main bases of this singular house project. The area has outstanding views to the sea, the site has a varied topography and the functional program is very extensive and diverse.

The difficulty of the great slope is the predominant factor behind this house project. It is distributed and adapted into the natural ground, instead of making great modifications to the topography, so it creates three habitable levels with wide terrace spaces that have excellent orientation, and a direct and easy relation between the interior and the exterior of the house.

The house is broken up to be adapted to the site, instead of building a monolithic and compact house. It creates a group of different volumes and roofs strategically arranged which give a unique image to this house. Each floor has different features that adopt the spaces according to a certain program, using noble materials like the white concrete and the natural stone. These materials are alternated with the glass large windows and the wooden blinds that, along with the light wooden and zinc roofing, lead to a house that cares about all the details and offers spaces of high value.