The main aims of this project are, to design a house with a high level of privacy from the street, whilst creating interior wide spaces that take advantage of the conditions of the site.

The project is complemented with several exterior spaces for the house. These spaces provide special significance to the hall and some of the best sunny spaces facing south. At the same time, the façade enclosure style should not contradict with the surrounding houses because it contributes to a notable energetic saving thanks to the solution of the ventilated façade.

The house volume is defined from a rectangular prism that is slightly elevated from the land. This is then fractionated into two parallel prisms that are moved, so two exterior spaces emerge with different functions. In the first space, facing the street, there is a large two-story aluminium and glass volume which houses the hall. It reproduces the sculptural permeability thanks to the glass and the water plate. In the second space, located on the private south side, there is a large wooden porch exiting from the living-room, the dinning-room and the kitchen. It is also an entrance to the garden.