A UNIQUE HOUSE is a made to measure house, considered and designed for the people who will be living in it. The equivalent in the case of a suit would be going to the tailor, rather than going to the department store. It is not a prêt-à-porter.

a made to measure house is achieved from the study of the three main factors involved, which are the site, the program and the materials.




a made to measure house is a house adapted to the site, including all the possible consequences that may be involved. It is a house that understands the site and interprets it. It recognizes it; it is adapted and integrated on it. It is a house that is aware of the views, the desired and also the non-desired ones. It is a house that searches for the sun; it takes advantage of it, as well as being protected from it. a made to measure house reads the site and the natural scene, and takes conclusions from them. a made to measure house needs the site to become a house, and it can only exist in that particular site. In a sense, it could be said that the house is formed by the site, which is a part of its soul.



a made to measure house needs to have a unique and exhaustive program made by its future residents. It has to know how they want to live, the things they do and their daily needs. a made to measure house is adapted to its resident and it shrouds it. It responds to its user’s needs, it interprets and forms them. a made to measure house materializes and crystallizes in the form and the volume its future residents needs. It is the formal result of the user’s way of living. Therefore, a made to measure house is a personal and a unique house that responds and shows the personality of the person that commissions it, and where its resident has to be comfortable living in it.



a made to measure house leads each of its elements to be in their exact place. a made to measure house has to be aware of the materials. Each of the formal elements has a unique place. The house has to be informed of its role and thus be able to interpret its needs to the site. The real place for each element has to be found, recognized and then set upon this particular place. Each wall has to be located on its correct position and each constructive element has to be settled on its specific setting. a made to measure house ideally materializes each of its elements and gives shape to the purpose that is being sought.

This is the task of the architect: to ask the elements, the sites and the materials what they want to become and then lead in achieving this. Only by adding all these decisions, a made to measure house can be designed. This is our aim, to interpret the specific site, for a specific user and to give shape to the whole, with a high level of singularity.

In architecture, as in nature, every element and every house has its own place.